Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Your Reputation Makes Your Brand: Keep It Working for YOU!

Your Reputation Makes Your Brand: Keep It Working for YOU!

It's no secret that social media packs a punch in an already strong medium. You've put a lot of thought into your business and its brand, which is how customers and the public remember you. 

With just a few bad reviews your reputation can be destroyed just like that!

That's why you need Renaissance's Online Reputation Management (ORM) service. 

You've got a business to run and no time to monitor every social media post about you. We have all the time to do that for you, like a sentinel who never sleeps. Renaissance stays on top of your online reputation starting with an audit of your site. 

Checking everything:
• search engine results
• directory listings
• all-important reviews on Google My Business and Yelp

We can diagnose and fix problems immediately. Renaissance's ORM arsenal includes best practices to bury negative posts deep in search results (90% of consumers don't look beyond the first page of search results) or even remove them! 

Best of all, Renaissance ORM does positive things. We promote YOU. We publicize sites complimenting you, step up your exposure online, and more. Your future customers see you exactly the way you want. It's all part of our "tradition of strategic thinking." Ask us about ORM services today!

Submit your request to sm@rencomgroup.com.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Laser Focus YOUR Marketing with Targeted Display Advertising

Laser Focus YOUR Marketing with Targeted Display Advertising

Your marketing succeeds if you are at the right place at the right time. When you trust your marketing to Renaissance, we flip the script so your prospective customers, your ideal market, are chasing you. We just make it easier for them to “catch” you! Through targeted display advertising, we deliver custom ads to people who’ve visited your site, as a reminder. We also use demographics to target online viewers likely to use your product or service.

And the data shows it WORKS!

People respond: it gets them back to your site and into your store to become customers. Targeted display advertising is another part of Renaissance’s “tradition of strategic thinking.” 

Ask us how we can laser focus YOUR marketing! To submit a request, simply email content@rencomgroup.com or give us a call 267-639-3080.

Why Online Reputation Management Matters

Why Online Reputation Management Matters

To succeed online today, you've got to be proactive. The Web not only drives prospects to you if you market the right way, it also gives your customers a powerful voice. Customer feedback can make you, or, if you ignore it, break you. Social media are for much more than sharing meme pics or meeting up with friends.

That's where Renaissance's Online Reputation Management program comes in.

When you add Online Reputation Management to your Renaissance marketing arsenal, you get three main things:
  1. Renaissance will monitor over 700 review listing sites for you every day and alert you in real time to any review, positive or negative.
  2. Opportunity to respond fast to an unhappy customer, to serve them, turn around a bad review, while building your online reputation.
  3. Additional happy customer reviews on other social platforms as well as on your business's website.
How powerful are online reviews?

Five stars up your chance of getting a customer through your door by a whopping 84%.

Similar services from others will cost you thousands per business location. We offer you top Online Reputation Management for only $199 a month.

Submit your request to sm@rencomgroup.com.

Let Video Drive Awareness of Your Business

Video Content is in Demand Now More than Ever, Due to its Versatility and Ability to Convey Messages and Emotion in as Few as 30 Seconds. 

As a top-of-the-funnel marketing tool, video drives awareness of your business, consideration of your services, and traffic to your website and store.

When paired with Renaissance's social media services, the reach of your video marketing campaign expands greatly with targeted engagement across your website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We take a consultative and creative approach. It's our responsibility to understand your campaign goals, help define and establish measurements of success, advise you on the most effective way to convey your message, and interpret your idea into a compelling video.

Our two most popular promotional video options are detailed below:

Custom Video
We create a bespoke video tailored to your promotion and store.

  • Custom script
  • Professional voiceover
  • Music soundtrack
  • Motion graphics
  • Your choice of product images, price points, and incentives to highlight
  • Store logo, website, and store location details

Price: Starting at $799

Examples of Custom Videos:

Program Video
Select from our extensive library of themed video templates.

Within this option, the overall design theme and structure of the video remain as is, but you can modify certain aspects, such as product images, price points, and incentives, to make it your own.

  • Modification of script and voiceover
  • Your choice of product images, price points, and incentives to highlight
  • Store logo, website, and store location details

Price: $499

Examples of Program Videos:
To get started on your next video marketing campaign, contact video@rencomgroup.com.

The ARK Website App for Your Kiosk is Here!

Turn Your Handheld Device into a Full-Service Kiosk with the RenARK Website App

What are the benefits of the RenARK website app?
  • No additional cost with your existing Renaissance website
  • Enjoy unlimited app downloads on any number of devices, no additional licenses required 
  • No Wi-Fi required to access the app (will require internet access for updates)
  • RenARK is a fully customizable retail app with a user-friendly interface that is synced to your existing Renaissance website
  • It gives you instant access to all products, inventory, and sales
  • It features local-based programming, allowing for quicker product access and no delayed loading time
What manufacturers are supported on RenARK?
  • All manufacturer catalogs that are available on your Renaissance website are supported on the RenARK website app
What hardware is RenARK compatible with? 
  • Best Buy, ELO, Apple devices, Android devices, and more to come!
Will my website and kiosk pricing be consistent? 
  • YES, the pricing on your RenARK app will directly match the pricing on your Renaissance website
  • Whenever products, pricing, or changes are made to your website, you synchronize the app with your website and the updates are complete
How much does RenARK cost?
  • RenARK will be included at no additional cost to retailers with a
    Renaissance website 
  • If you do not have a Renaissance website, you can request a quote
    from our Program Content Team
How is RenARK supported?
  • Your RenARK website app will be supported by the same Program Content Team that takes care of your Renaissance website 
  • If you require any technical support or changes to your RenARK website app, reach out to our Program Content Team at content@rencomgroup.com, or 267-639-3080.

How Renaissance Helps You Build Your Brand

Renaissance Can Help You Build Your Brand

Your logo sums up your brand in one powerful visual statement but is NOT your brand. It's part of your brand IDENTITY. So what's your brand? Jeff Bezos of Amazon puts it well: "Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." Your brand is your reason to be in business: your company's core values, its personality. What's your business's "hook"? How are you different from your competitors? What are your UNIQUE selling points? What are the BENEFITS you offer your customers?
Renaissance has "a tradition of strategic thinking." You tell us what your brand is, and we craft a brand identity that sums up your business and communicates it to your customers so they will REMEMBER you. When you're building a house, you hire professionals. To get your business's branding right, hire the design professionals at Renaissance!
To submit a request, simply email design@rencomgroup.com or give us a call 267-639-3080.

Why You Need Email Marketing

Why You Need Email Marketing

Renaissance email marketing is a cost-effective service to tie together all of your marketing campaigns and channels. Email marketing allows you to get extra mileage out of your other marketing channels: social media, pay-per-click, print advertising, and video marketing. Use Renaissance email marketing to build trust in your brand and encourage customer loyalty. Leverage this affordable service to stay engaged with your most valuable customers by informing them of current and upcoming promotions. Take advantage of this powerful and affordable marketing tool today! Your website is collecting your customers' emails: are you doing anything with them? 

Cultivate your contact list by engaging them with personal emails. Let Renaissance quarterback your email marketing efforts by measuring key performance indicators such as bounce rates, open rate, and click-through rates. Use Renaissance's design services to create personal email messages tailored to your brand and identity. Renaissance email marketing is a powerful tool you cannot afford to do without.
To submit a request, simply email content@rencomgroup.com or give us a call 267-639-3080.