Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The ARK Website App for Your Kiosk is Here!

Turn Your Handheld Device into a Full-Service Kiosk with the RenARK Website App

What are the benefits of the RenARK website app?
  • No additional cost with your existing Renaissance website
  • Enjoy unlimited app downloads on any number of devices, no additional licenses required 
  • No Wi-Fi required to access the app (will require internet access for updates)
  • RenARK is a fully customizable retail app with a user-friendly interface that is synced to your existing Renaissance website
  • It gives you instant access to all products, inventory, and sales
  • It features local-based programming, allowing for quicker product access and no delayed loading time
What manufacturers are supported on RenARK?
  • All manufacturer catalogs that are available on your Renaissance website are supported on the RenARK website app
What hardware is RenARK compatible with? 
  • Best Buy, ELO, Apple devices, Android devices, and more to come!
Will my website and kiosk pricing be consistent? 
  • YES, the pricing on your RenARK app will directly match the pricing on your Renaissance website
  • Whenever products, pricing, or changes are made to your website, you synchronize the app with your website and the updates are complete
How much does RenARK cost?
  • RenARK will be included at no additional cost to retailers with a
    Renaissance website 
  • If you do not have a Renaissance website, you can request a quote
    from our Program Content Team
How is RenARK supported?
  • Your RenARK website app will be supported by the same Program Content Team that takes care of your Renaissance website 
  • If you require any technical support or changes to your RenARK website app, reach out to our Program Content Team at, or 267-639-3080.

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