Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Paid Search is the BOOST Your Marketing Needs

Paid Search is the BOOST Your Marketing Needs!

The days of waiting for your prospective customers to see an ad or watch a commercial are gone. In the Web age it's SO much better. To steal a line from comedian Yakov Smirnoff, in the old days you chased customers. Now on search engines your prospects are chasing YOU! It's simply a matter of making yourself easy to find.

That's why paid search is a fantastic boost for your marketing both when you're starting out and need the exposure, and to augment your mature business's marketing. And as your business gains online authority, a good reputation, the per-click cost of your paid search will go down! Pair this with another kind of search engine marketing, Renaissance's long-range SEO strategy, and you'll have a lock on the first page of results. Think of it this way: paid search is the sprint while SEO is the marathon that's yours to WIN if you hire Renaissance, with "a tradition of strategic thinking."
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