Friday, March 9, 2018

4 Ways a Google Partner Can Make Your Business Thrive

4 Ways a Google Partner Can Make Your Business Thrive

At Renaissance, we don’t stop. Excellence is not simply a goal—it is the foundation upon which our digital marketing company is built. In our most recent display of excellence, Renaissance achieved Google Partner status. As our featured Google Partner Badge indicates, we now have even greater opportunities to grow your business in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

As a business owner, we’re sure you will agree that growth is one of your primary concerns. The same goes for us. As Renaissance continues to reach new heights, our clients grow with us, in ways they didn’t even think possible. Our business is to make your business thrive, and as Google Partners, we now have even more ways of doing this. 

We are Google-certified experts in:

Search Advertising
Being a Google Partner means that Renaissance employs certified AdWords professionals. Simply put, AdWords is how Google utilizes ad revenue to get your business seen by millions of users performing 3.5 billion Google searches every day. With Search Advertising, whenever a consumer Googles a phrase (for example, “leather recliner”), your ad is placed at the top of the search results, leading to more clicks, and more sales.
Mobile Advertising
Let’s face it—we are addicted to our phones. Nearly three-quarters of all Internet users log on with their smartphones, with no sign of the trend slowing down. At Renaissance, we recognize that the convenience of having the Internet in your pocket means convenient advertising for our clients. Mobile Advertising brings the power of Google to reach smartphone users with your ad through mobile search, mobile browsers, and in apps that are powered by ad revenue.
Display Advertising
In many ways, the Internet is very similar to newspapers: websites are arranged by columns, buffered by margins, and most importantly, contain ads in dedicated ad space. Display Advertising with Renaissance puts your ad on major websites across the web, including social media feeds—and considering that 81% of Americans have a social media profile, you can’t afford not to take advantage of such a huge reach.
Shopping Advertising
It’s no great secret that e-commerce has changed the way consumers spend money. In fact, 96% of Americans shop online, preferring the comfort of shopping from home. When you set up a Shopping Advertising campaign with Renaissance, you gain a huge advantage over traditional retailers. Your entire website catalog of product will show in Google search results along with its price, purchasing options, and the name of your business, connecting consumers directly to you.

At Renaissance, our AdWords experts stop at nothing to ensure the success of our clients. Our full-service digital marketing campaigns bring real results. And now, as Google Partners, we can realize even greater successes for your business with the power of the world’s leading search engine. Contact Renaissance today for more information on how you can raise the stakes on your business, and make it thrive.

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